Concierge Program

Welcome to Beyond Concierge Medical Care. We appreciate your choosing to become a member of our Concierge Program. By having a limited number of patients in the Concierge Program, we are able to manage our patients’ individual health and wellness issues.

Our goal is to provide service BEYOND concierge.

The Concierge Program will provide the following services:

  • Yearly 1 hour physical
  • 1 hour appointment blocks
  • Patient Portal
  • Priority scheduling for consultants and testing
  • Guaranteed 24 hour scheduling
  • Email response within 24 hours
  • No wait appointments
  • 24/7 access for emergencies
  • Courtesy calls for family
  • Availability via telephone
  • Coordination for specialist
  • Accelerated hospital admission
  • Arrangement of transfers
  • Telemedicine visits wherever you are worldwide
  • Customized doctor-patient interaction
  • At home visits when necessary
  • Telephone and text access
  • In hospital visits
  • Weight loss counseling and treatment

Locate Us

700 2nd Avenue North Suite #305
Naples, FL 34102